Open Source Products:
Medzip911.com  : hl7 intelligent platform
Custom software development tools in Machine Learning
Medzip911.com is an HL7 INTELLIGENT PLATFORM for developers and integrations engineers to use to build their own training data for use in AI locally on your own platform. Where a data scientist can pay users for their data to help train an AI model using open source applications. Our database application sits on top of your interface engine and saves patient medical information for research or new vendor driven applications. That is tap into your hospital interface engine. The link below is to a small sample hl7 database on Github to get you started: https://github.com/doingitgreenllc/open-hl7-intelligent-platform

doing it green llc : Offering a package of Hyper-V VM’s

Hyper-V: doingitgreenllc environment
Out of the box configuration:
Ubuntu 18.04.4
OpenEMR 5.3
Mirth 3.9

Supporting development for rapid deployment
of open source EMR and interface engines.

Rapid deployment of OpenEMR running in a
Ubuntu 18.04 server environment along with
Mirth 3.9 and Docker. Offering options for custom interfaces and medzip911 MySQL database and machine learning in one package.

Where this environment could be stand up in remote clinics or field hospitals in little time, or used as a tool supporting rapid development and validation of medical devices.

Available by request or GitHub

Hyper-V: doingitgreenllc

A medzip911 test and production environments
Out of the box configuration:
Ubuntu 18.04.4
OpenEMR 5.3
Mirth 3.9
MQTT IoT support
Medzip911 MySQL database
TensorFlow Docker image installed
Mirth core hl7 interfaces
Mirth FHIR interface
Mirth API interface
Mirth DICOM interface
3D printing options(in development)

Offering remote development and consulting services for custom Open EMR and Mirth applications.

Supporting development for rapid deployment of open source EMR and interface engines.

Available by request or GitHub

Open Source Education Tools:

Simple Patient Ping



Simple Patient Ping is a very basic outbound interface that queries a MySql database using Mirth.

Basically PHI (patient data from a hospital) is in one table called patient ping and Mirth query’s the database and writes the output to a local drive. This interface is more of a way to show how to query a database and get the data. Once it’s outbound of the DB, you can use Mirth to send to a HIS or application. Its for you to decide what you want to build the data around.

New In-house Development Projects

Drone Technologies Projects:
-WiFi GPS Mapping
-Image Recongnition Raspberry Pi

Forestry Technologies Projects:
-Open Source Forestry IoT Monitoring
-Hydroponics IoT Monitor

3D Printing Projects:
-Online 3D Print Farm

Open Source EMR and Telemedicine Projects:

-OpenEMR support and custom development

-Telemedicine support and custom development

Completed Development and Interface projects:
(experience this current year)

-OpenEMR running on Hyper-V
-Custom HL7 IoT interface on a SGX 5150
-Custom Windows Application running on a Raspberry 3b
-HL7 Document interface for Grambo Phoenix Machines
-Prismax v2/3 binary and HL7 interface development
-Docker MQTT on Ubuntu
-Yocto build environment

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Integration Consultants Custom Software Development in Machine Learning, IoT applied in Agriculture, Forestry and Healthcare, 3D Printing Services