About Us

Our Approach

Our central vision is out-of-the-box thinking, bringing ideas to productions—prototyping new applications.

Our Story

Doing it green.com first opened in 2009, building websites and offering website hosting part-time for fun. Later in the years, as the market flooded, it mainly made one-off sites and troubleshot PHP and MySql code for friends. We had over 70 domains we had owned and supported at one time.  Then later in 2015, doing it green was moved to Green Bay and LLC where I had jumped in it full time. Offering interface development to startups and small hospitals in the USA. In 2016 it was moved to Lake Geneva, Wis, and moved into a part-time role, switching gears and moving the focuses back into farming and the drone market. It originally started in 2000, developing software to predict timber growth for my parent’s farm in Sweden. We support small interface projects, mainly for Mirth and Database development for startups. We do host our websites and slowly bring them back online. One domain name we have owned since 1989 is sideline-techs, repairing electronic equipment back in the day.  I have supported and coded on Dec PDP-11 computers back in the ’80s. Today, it’s an open machine learning and quantum computing market in Python 42 years later. Sideline-techs was LLC in 2020 to sideline-techs llc and located in northern Illinois. Today doing it green llc main focus is Custom Software Development in IoT applied in Agriculture & beehive monitoring system, Forestry, 3D Printing & Services, Finding ways to help better our environment for everyone.


Custom Software Development in IoT applied in Agriculture & Beehive monitoring system, Forestry, and 3D Printing & Services